Stage & Platform

All lifts must be executed on the competition platform.

The platform must be square, level and measuring four (4) metres on each side. When the floor surrounding the platform has similar or same colouring, the top edge of the platform must have a different coloured line of at least 150 mm.

The platform may be made of wood, plastic or any solid material and may be covered with a non-slippery material.

The platform shall not be higher than 150 mm.

A clear area measuring one (1) metre surrounding the platform is compulsory. This area must be flat and free from any obstacle including discs.

The dimensions of the stage must be minimum ten (10) x ten (10) m, the height of the top of the platform must be maximum one (1) m, measured from the level where the Referees’ and Jury seats are placed. Standard size steps must be attached to the stage.

When the platform is placed on a stage, restraining bars at least the width of the platform must be suitably and safely fixed to the stage, at minimum two and half (2.5) metres from the front edge of the platform, and two (2) metres from the rear edge, but as close as possible to the front and rear edges of the stage. The restraining bars must be maximum two-hundred (200) mm high and maximum twohundred (200) mm wide.

Chalk and resin must be provided on the stage, near the platform on the athlete entry side; bar cleaning disinfectant and tools must be provided next to the stage for the loaders. A strecher must be provided near the stage for the transport of an injured athlete.


Only barbells meeting IWF specifications and approval may be used in weightlifting competitions under its jurisdiction.

The barbell consists of the following parts:

The bar

The men’s bar weighs 20 kg and the women’s bar weighs 15 kg and must meet special specifications. Markings on the bars:

Weightlifting bars must have coloured identification markings to facilitate their recognition. The men’s bar must mhave blue markings and the women’s bar yellow markings. These colours correspond to those of the 20 kg and 15 kg discs.

The discs

The discs must be of the following weights and colours:

25 kg red
20 kg blue
15 kg yellow
10 kg green
5 kg white
2.5 kg red
2 kg blue
1.5 kg yellow
1 kg green
0.5 kg white

The diameter of the largest discs: 450 mm with a tolerance of ± 1 mm.

The 450 mm discs must be covered with rubber or plastic and coated on both sides with permanent colours or painted at least on the surface of the rim.

The discs lighter than ten (10) kg may be made of metal or other material as approved.

All the discs must have a clear indication of their weight.

The Collars

In order to secure the discs to the bar, each bar must be equipped with two collars weighing 2.5 kg each for men and women.